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There was a time when I would only use name brand everything. My shelves were filled with Quaker and General Mills, Loreal and Dove. I felt that these brands meant the highest quality I could buy and their price tags represented that. I also loved the way they tasted and made my hair and skin feel. Whenever I would go to the grocery store I would see the store brands standing right next to the name brands and always reach for the name brands. This all changed when I lost my job. I had been working in the post office for around 5 years and I was one of the more recent additions to the force. This left me open to being cut first if they were firing people. I knew this and still joined because it was a good job with great benefits. When the economy tanked so did the postal service and they were forced to make cuts leaving me without a job and with the stress of how I was going to provide for my family.

I sat down with my wife and we had a long discussion about what we had to do to keep our financial life together while I was searching for a job. We knew we had to budget better and start looking at ways we could save a couple dollars here and there. That night when I took a shower and used my Loreal shampoo I had the realization that I was going to have to start using store brand private label products. I was a little discouraged because I always felt that was what poor people did and I always prided myself in being able to give my family everything they needed. But, tough times call for tough measures and the next time I went to the store and saw the name brand and private label brand side-by- side the private label was the one I chose. I honestly thought there would be a major difference between the two so I was a bit apprehensive to give them a try. One private label product I bought was hand lotion. I like working with my hands and they tend to get callous so the lotion always helped to counteract that. I used to use Gold Bond and now had to use the store brand equivalent. After a week or so of use I was surprised to see that the store brand lotion gave me the same great results and for a way cheaper price.

After using all the cheaper store brand products I became convinced that what I thought was all wrong. Name brand doesn’t always mean better. Of course there are some things that store brands fall short on. Things like cereal and soft drinks, but for cosmetics I have found my private label (Innovative Private Label) shampoo and lotions to be on equal footing with my old name brand versions. I am happy to say that I have since found work and am making a good income again but I haven’t stopped buying store brands.

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