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Grammarly is probably one of the most sophisticated grammar checking software programs out there. This is why Dan decided it might be the way for him to go to correct his overall spelling and grammar.

Dan had always struggled with writing with proper grammar. When he was in elementary school and early middle school it didn’t really effect him that much. By the time he was in eight grade though he was really really struggling with his improper grammar and it was even effecting how well he scored on essays and other writing assignments. It was around this time that Dan was introduced to Grammarly reviewed by Edu Much. Based on info that his eighth grade English teacher sent him dan was able to determine that grammarly was a highly sophisticated grammar checking program. Grammarly, according to the research that dan did, had the potential to check for even the least obvious of grammatical errors through its in depth grammar checking abilities that nobody could ever compare to. Grammarly is one of the most sophisticated programs out there was the key marketing sentence that decided him to get it. Besides for that grammarly was a free plug in to google chrome I mean that was the real winner for Dan. Dan decided to use grammarly all of the time when writing essays. He started seeing that his essays which he used grammarly to help him check his written work had improved significantly since before he started correcting his essays using grammarly. Dan didn’t just use grammarly as a crutch. Oh no he was sure there were definetly people in this world that used grammarly that did just use grammarly to check everything without really thinking about yet he took notes on the corrections grammarly made so he could actually develop himself as someone who could be considered a grammar expert. That was his goal from using grammarly. He wanted grammarly to not just check for his grammatical errors. He needed grammarly to really look into the mistakes he made for him to use grammarly as a guide to correct those errors. That was his main goal that Dan wanted to get out of grammarly. Now Dan didn’t just want himself to benefit from grammarly. He wanted his friends and family and all those who might struggle with grammar to benefit from grammarly’s amazing grammar checking abilities too. That was another one of Dan’s main goals with using grammarly. Eventually Dan’s use of grammarly came to an end. When he went to college and majored in English literature. Because you see the way that Dan saw it was that grammarly is something that you don’t always use. It is something that you use fine yet at the same time it is something you eventually grow out of. So you use grammarly to help you check grammar and as a guide to teach you what it means to write with the most effective and proper grammar possible.

Eventually though the time you use grammarly will end though. The end!

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