Dating Under 30

“The most memorable Valentine’s Day gift you can get your boyfriend is something homemade and a shared experience. The most memorable Valentine’s Day gift you can get your girlfriend is something homemade and a shared experience.” When it comes to gifts, I believe there is a common thread between both men and women. Both sexes appreciate things that show effort and are personalized. Making something or cooking something for your significant other is an extremely touching gesture, and one they are sure to remember. By the same token, shared experiences are something that brings two people even closer together. In a healthy relationship, your partner would like nothing more than for you two to become even more connected, a shared experience will do that and is therefore a wonderful gift.

The best and most important thing in a relationship is communication. The basis of this communication should be the understanding that each person is an equal partner in the relationship and that everyone’s feelings matter. Now, that doesn’t mean that compromises always have to be 0/50. Sometimes one person must compromise 90%, while other times they get the 90 coming to them. It’s about give and take, recognizing each other’s priorities and trying to make the other person happy.

It’s about listening, really listening, and also observing what’s going on in the relationship. To both the things said and the things left unsaid which require you to dig a bit deeper, both in the other person’s mind as well as in your own. Sometimes a person is scared to say something, and other times they are totally unaware that there is something to say in the first place. It’s up to you, their partner, to notice when something is wrong and to try to help them figure it out. You must be supportive and present throughout the journey, as well as help them when they cannot help themselves.

But relationships are not only hard work, they should also be fun. Serious conversations should be balanced out with fun activities which you and your partner can enjoy together. It’s about making the most of your relationship and having fun along the way. It’s also important to keep the excitement going, which means always thinking of new ideas and activities to do together. While it’s fun to stay at home and just eat takeout and watch movies all the time, that’s when things start going downhill. Try to go out at least once a week to keep the young and fresh feeling in the relationship. Take turns treating each other so that you feel pampered by your love and that the spark is ignited. Tell them that you love them and appreciate them, and tell them often. The second you stop doing this, the flame in your relationship will dull. So truly appreciate each other while you can, and your relationship will really flourish.

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