Crazy Reality TV

Kat Von D had a fairly popular reality show about her being a successful tattoo artist. She became a really popular tattoo artist. People would travel all the way to her just to get some work done. She did it to a lot of celebrities, a lot of rock stars and people like that. They obviously add a lot of drama to make the show a bit more entertaining. She had face tattoos before they became really popular by all the sound cloud rappers. They are the worst. They have no talent and just look the part. At least Kat Von D has some talent in tattooing. She also started selling Kat Von D makeup, I assume to cash in on her fame from the reality show.

Kat Von D also had a short lived relationship with the custom motorcycle builder Jesse James. Jesse James is one of the most famous custom motorcycle builders in modern times. He had a reality show as well. He actually had a few reality shows. Interestingly he had reality shows before reality shows were even a thing. He had a reality show before the Kardashians had a reality show.

Jesse James was married to a celebrity for a little while. Like a real famous woman who was beloved by all of Hollywood. He then cheated on her with a nazi. I don’t use the word nazi lightly. Literally she posed in modeling photos while wearing a nazi uniform. So Jesse James went from married to a beloved beautiful Hollywood actress to dating a nazi. So anyway he ended things with the Nazi and started dating Kat Von D. I don’t know if she started selling her Kat Von D makeup before or after they started dating.

Kat Von D got a tattoo of Jesse James Face on her side. Which is hilarious because they broke up not too long after she got the tattoo. Now she has a tattoo on her side of her ex boyfriend. That is hilarious. I will never understand why people get a tattoo of someone who they are dating on their body. Literally makes no sense, people date for someone for a little while and then think oh I should get them on my body forever. I wonder if Kat Von D makeup will cover up the tattoo she has of Jesse James.

You have to love how all this real drama is never in any reality shows. Instead of using this gold they make up a bunch of dumb drama.

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