You remember the scene from Reservoir Dogs when the guy cuts of the other’s ear?

Your remember the scene from Blue Velve when the guys finds another’s ear?

Well, I figured I’d remind you of some pleasant ear-related things, because you are about to hear this.

Don’t be a pawn. Don’t be the guy or gal who didn’t care enough to see what it is that they are adapting to. People, wake up. We are using way too many chemicals and substances on and in our body on a regularly basis. Like, daily.

This is not healthy, no matter how you look at it. The body is a very resilient yet inescapably fragile thing. You can’t subject it to anything. Eventually, it will have had too much, even if it is a good thing. I think back to the commercials for cigarettes in the 1950’s. I wasn’t around at the time, but I have seen them. Back then all TV was live, and they had doctor – I don’t think they were actors, since that would be illegal, even back then – explain why cigarettes from brand X are better and healthier than brand Y. Tea tree oil shampoo.

This is classic advertising. And what do I mean by that? I mean it is making more of something than it is, and I mean not misleading the public per se but not tell the whole truth either. I know that only much later did the people realize that cigarettes were the cause of a lot of disease and woe. But back then – doctors were selling them and smoking them, and advertising certain brands as doctor recommended, for crying out loud.

Is this what we want? Is this what we want to go back to? Is this seriously what will make people their money? It sure will. Even now, places that make all kinds of cosmetics and beauty supplies are unwilling to share their ingredients, for fear of a trade secret being lost. I get it, but I don’t feel that the consumer should suffer because of it. There is enough of that going around as it is. You buy something, and you turn it around, and you can’t even read the label. The list of ingredients is filled with so many words which only a chemistry or medical or pharma major of some kind will be able to understand. Is this a product? They expect me to put this all over my scalp? My hair? My lips? My face? My skin? What next?

There has got be a way for things to get done in a way which will give the consumer more power. There has got to be some more truth in labels, in spite of the FDA approving such things. If the FDA wants to hold on to its top spot. Look, I have no arguments, really, about drugs and food. They are doing a good job there, defeinitely. But the beauty and cosmetics industries are taking advantage, and that is not a cool thing to witness.

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