Passive Aggression

There is something to be said for the act of passive aggression, and today we’re going to discuss it. it’s honestly the worst form of aggression. When people are passive aggressive it shows a certain level of immaturity. You’re pretending to be okay, but you also want to let the person know that you’re mad at them. This sends mixed messages and throws people right off. Honestly, when someone is passive aggressive towards me I would rather they were just straight up aggressive. Hit me, it’s better than your fakeness. Maybe that’s why I can’t stand passive aggressive people – because it’s fake. I’m a firm believer in if you have something to say just say it. You don’t need to pretend to be fine with me. I can handle the truth. Sure, it will hurt but it won’t hurt as much as you are being fake with me. I’ll get over it a lot quicker if you just be straight with me. And the truth is that, if you can’t be straight you should just let it go. This in-between limbo might make you feel big for a few seconds but its toxic for everyone around you. Maybe that’s what I can’t stand about it – that it’s a really selfish coping mechanism. It releases tension into the environment. I don’t know how to tiptoe around someone who is being passive aggressive. I just want to yell at them to tell them what they actually mean, what they really want and to get over themselves. I have very little patience for people who backhandedly make me feel guilty. Even if I deserve it, it doesn’t mean you have to be a baby about it. Act like an adult and communicate your concerns head on.

I have a zero-drama policy. This means that I try to avoid drama with all I’m worth. That doesn’t mean that I ignore my problems it just means that I’ll deal with them head on or walk away. I have enough going on in my life (as does everybody really) that dealing with other people’s issues is pretty low on my deal-with list. Passive aggressive people think that the world revolves around them and refuse to communicate clearly what their problem is – I’m sorry that you’re made this way, but I don’t have the energy to deal with you. Bye Felicia. You think that you’re making me feel bad but you’re not, because I don’t even spend my time thinking about what you’re stressed about. So, sit there and stew with whatever it is that you’re dealing with because I’m not worried about it.

I do feel bad for passive aggressive people though because there are so many healthier ways to deal with your issues than to be a brat about it. Someone who is passive aggressive has zero communication skills, which is why this is the only way they think they can deal with their problems. That’s why when people say ‘they’re fine’, it’s just a joke.

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