Dating Under 30

“The most memorable Valentine’s Day gift you can get your boyfriend is something homemade and a shared experience. The most memorable Valentine’s Day gift you can get your girlfriend is something homemade and a shared experience.” When it comes to gifts, I believe there is a common thread between both men and women. Both sexes appreciate things that show effort and are personalized. Making something or cooking something for your significant other is an extremely touching gesture, and one they are sure to remember. By the same token, shared experiences are something that brings two people even closer together. In a healthy relationship, your partner would like nothing more than for you two to become even more connected, a shared experience will do that and is therefore a wonderful gift.

The best and most important thing in a relationship is communication. The basis of this communication should be the understanding that each person is an equal partner in the relationship and that everyone’s feelings matter. Now, that doesn’t mean that compromises always have to be 0/50. Sometimes one person must compromise 90%, while other times they get the 90 coming to them. It’s about give and take, recognizing each other’s priorities and trying to make the other person happy.

It’s about listening, really listening, and also observing what’s going on in the relationship. To both the things said and the things left unsaid which require you to dig a bit deeper, both in the other person’s mind as well as in your own. Sometimes a person is scared to say something, and other times they are totally unaware that there is something to say in the first place. It’s up to you, their partner, to notice when something is wrong and to try to help them figure it out. You must be supportive and present throughout the journey, as well as help them when they cannot help themselves.

But relationships are not only hard work, they should also be fun. Serious conversations should be balanced out with fun activities which you and your partner can enjoy together. It’s about making the most of your relationship and having fun along the way. It’s also important to keep the excitement going, which means always thinking of new ideas and activities to do together. While it’s fun to stay at home and just eat takeout and watch movies all the time, that’s when things start going downhill. Try to go out at least once a week to keep the young and fresh feeling in the relationship. Take turns treating each other so that you feel pampered by your love and that the spark is ignited. Tell them that you love them and appreciate them, and tell them often. The second you stop doing this, the flame in your relationship will dull. So truly appreciate each other while you can, and your relationship will really flourish.

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Prep Your Dog for Bringing Home Your Baby

Babies yell, kick, pinch, punch – it is their nature. Obviously, any rules which could be laid down regarding baby-pet relations will change from one dog to the other, and from one family situation to the next. Size, breed, age, and temperament of the dog are a variable. Is it a first kid? is it a sibling? The new baby’s temperament is also a major factor, although that will be much more crucial several months down the line. The main thing the dog needs to get used to before the baby shows up is probably touch-related, and a new lack of respect for his personal space. As early as you can in the pregnancy, make sure to touch your dog gently in areas which are more sensitive: ears, paws, face. Areas which you wouldn’t necessarily go for when petting.

Do this a bit, here and there, and do it while you are petting the pet normally. In time, increase the frequency. Your dog will be more used to it, and be more accepting of this invasion when the baby arrives. This is a new human, with a new scent, a new voice, and a body which occupies the dog’s space and time. It can be a rival in some dogs’ eyes, just like a big brother may feel frustrated due to the arrival of a new focal point. Some dog’s are more maternal by nature, and they realize with greater ease that this is a human puppy. Either way, all pets need to feel loved, and not be neglected. This is paramount, since cats and dogs and carnivores, and they will defend themselves or display antagonism if their needs aren’t being met.

*Do’s* – Do encourage sniffing and safe physical contact between the two. – Do notice your dog’s body language during those first meetings, and pay attention to nuances. – Do remember to meet your pet’s needs. Make some time just for your animal friend, and show it you care. *Don’ts* – Do not leave the baby and dog unattended. Always keep an open and watchful eye. Dogs, however cute, are still carnivorous. – Do not assume anything. Always stay close, physically close, especially during those first couple of months. – Do not force either one on the other. Let them be them. Their connection may take more time to form.

Bringing home a new baby will be an adjustment for everyone, but your dog needs special attention because of jealousy. It may even be worse than bringing home a baby to an older sibling. Yes the dog will end up loving the baby but it will take them a while to get used to the crying, the constant diaper changing, and not being able to cuddle up on your lap. You need to be extra careful with a dog. Especially a dog that thinks they’re a puppy. They may sit on the newborn and you definitely don’t want that. The baby will quickly get used to the dog just like they’ll quickly get used to living outside the womb.

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Crazy Reality TV

Kat Von D had a fairly popular reality show about her being a successful tattoo artist. She became a really popular tattoo artist. People would travel all the way to her just to get some work done. She did it to a lot of celebrities, a lot of rock stars and people like that. They obviously add a lot of drama to make the show a bit more entertaining. She had face tattoos before they became really popular by all the sound cloud rappers. They are the worst. They have no talent and just look the part. At least Kat Von D has some talent in tattooing. She also started selling Kat Von D makeup, I assume to cash in on her fame from the reality show.

Kat Von D also had a short lived relationship with the custom motorcycle builder Jesse James. Jesse James is one of the most famous custom motorcycle builders in modern times. He had a reality show as well. He actually had a few reality shows. Interestingly he had reality shows before reality shows were even a thing. He had a reality show before the Kardashians had a reality show.

Jesse James was married to a celebrity for a little while. Like a real famous woman who was beloved by all of Hollywood. He then cheated on her with a nazi. I don’t use the word nazi lightly. Literally she posed in modeling photos while wearing a nazi uniform. So Jesse James went from married to a beloved beautiful Hollywood actress to dating a nazi. So anyway he ended things with the Nazi and started dating Kat Von D. I don’t know if she started selling her Kat Von D makeup before or after they started dating.

Kat Von D got a tattoo of Jesse James Face on her side. Which is hilarious because they broke up not too long after she got the tattoo. Now she has a tattoo on her side of her ex boyfriend. That is hilarious. I will never understand why people get a tattoo of someone who they are dating on their body. Literally makes no sense, people date for someone for a little while and then think oh I should get them on my body forever. I wonder if Kat Von D makeup will cover up the tattoo she has of Jesse James.

You have to love how all this real drama is never in any reality shows. Instead of using this gold they make up a bunch of dumb drama.

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Passive Aggression

There is something to be said for the act of passive aggression, and today we’re going to discuss it. it’s honestly the worst form of aggression. When people are passive aggressive it shows a certain level of immaturity. You’re pretending to be okay, but you also want to let the person know that you’re mad at them. This sends mixed messages and throws people right off. Honestly, when someone is passive aggressive towards me I would rather they were just straight up aggressive. Hit me, it’s better than your fakeness. Maybe that’s why I can’t stand passive aggressive people – because it’s fake. I’m a firm believer in if you have something to say just say it. You don’t need to pretend to be fine with me. I can handle the truth. Sure, it will hurt but it won’t hurt as much as you are being fake with me. I’ll get over it a lot quicker if you just be straight with me. And the truth is that, if you can’t be straight you should just let it go. This in-between limbo might make you feel big for a few seconds but its toxic for everyone around you. Maybe that’s what I can’t stand about it – that it’s a really selfish coping mechanism. It releases tension into the environment. I don’t know how to tiptoe around someone who is being passive aggressive. I just want to yell at them to tell them what they actually mean, what they really want and to get over themselves. I have very little patience for people who backhandedly make me feel guilty. Even if I deserve it, it doesn’t mean you have to be a baby about it. Act like an adult and communicate your concerns head on.

I have a zero-drama policy. This means that I try to avoid drama with all I’m worth. That doesn’t mean that I ignore my problems it just means that I’ll deal with them head on or walk away. I have enough going on in my life (as does everybody really) that dealing with other people’s issues is pretty low on my deal-with list. Passive aggressive people think that the world revolves around them and refuse to communicate clearly what their problem is – I’m sorry that you’re made this way, but I don’t have the energy to deal with you. Bye Felicia. You think that you’re making me feel bad but you’re not, because I don’t even spend my time thinking about what you’re stressed about. So, sit there and stew with whatever it is that you’re dealing with because I’m not worried about it.

I do feel bad for passive aggressive people though because there are so many healthier ways to deal with your issues than to be a brat about it. Someone who is passive aggressive has zero communication skills, which is why this is the only way they think they can deal with their problems. That’s why when people say ‘they’re fine’, it’s just a joke.

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Carl Jung

Therapy is a wonderful thing for most individuals. But it is a blessing and a curse. You know how they say that ignorance is bliss? Well, in no ways is this more true than in regards to oneself, and one’s psyche. When you decide – for whatever reason – to take the plunge and commit to therapy sessions, there is a good chance you will get more than you bargained for. What I mean to say is that you will probably find out all kinds of things about yourself, that you wouldn’t necessarily have stumbled across in many other situations in life. A lot of people don’t tell you the truth about yourself. It is not a bad thing, necessarily, but it is a fact. Those who tell you the truth are your true friends. The others? For any number of reasons, they may not want to rock the boat. You are among those people, more often than not. Hiding behind the stories which you tell yourself as a defense mechanism, so you have to deal with all of your inadequacies and shortcomings. There is a darker side to you, a shadow (as Carl Jung coined), and it takes a lot of balls and dedication to contend with it. So when you sit down at that therapist’s office– incidentally, I’ve been told it is of the utmost importance to have a good rapport with your therapist. I have only have two therapists in my life, at different times, and I felt that both of them were right for me. I don’t know if this was a special case or not, but there was definitely a good connection there. I suppose I am lucky. At any rate, once you sit down on that chair or on that couch, something happens. Of course, there are those who don’t bother telling their therapist the truth, and those – I feel – are wasting their time, energy, money, and efforts on something which is futile. What is the point of going through that whole process, if you are not going to make the most out of it. Therapy is a complicated and sometimes exceedingly painful procedure. In some cases, it means digging and picking and finding underlying patterns which are interwoven into your life. You try and make some sense of why it is that you are who you are. Whatever the reason for your being in that chair, there is a purpose. Unless, again, you are merely there to pass the time and not to work. And it is work, make no mistake of that.

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You remember the scene from Reservoir Dogs when the guy cuts of the other’s ear?

Your remember the scene from Blue Velve when the guys finds another’s ear?

Well, I figured I’d remind you of some pleasant ear-related things, because you are about to hear this.

Don’t be a pawn. Don’t be the guy or gal who didn’t care enough to see what it is that they are adapting to. People, wake up. We are using way too many chemicals and substances on and in our body on a regularly basis. Like, daily.

This is not healthy, no matter how you look at it. The body is a very resilient yet inescapably fragile thing. You can’t subject it to anything. Eventually, it will have had too much, even if it is a good thing. I think back to the commercials for cigarettes in the 1950’s. I wasn’t around at the time, but I have seen them. Back then all TV was live, and they had doctor – I don’t think they were actors, since that would be illegal, even back then – explain why cigarettes from brand X are better and healthier than brand Y. Tea tree oil shampoo.

This is classic advertising. And what do I mean by that? I mean it is making more of something than it is, and I mean not misleading the public per se but not tell the whole truth either. I know that only much later did the people realize that cigarettes were the cause of a lot of disease and woe. But back then – doctors were selling them and smoking them, and advertising certain brands as doctor recommended, for crying out loud.

Is this what we want? Is this what we want to go back to? Is this seriously what will make people their money? It sure will. Even now, places that make all kinds of cosmetics and beauty supplies are unwilling to share their ingredients, for fear of a trade secret being lost. I get it, but I don’t feel that the consumer should suffer because of it. There is enough of that going around as it is. You buy something, and you turn it around, and you can’t even read the label. The list of ingredients is filled with so many words which only a chemistry or medical or pharma major of some kind will be able to understand. Is this a product? They expect me to put this all over my scalp? My hair? My lips? My face? My skin? What next?

There has got be a way for things to get done in a way which will give the consumer more power. There has got to be some more truth in labels, in spite of the FDA approving such things. If the FDA wants to hold on to its top spot. Look, I have no arguments, really, about drugs and food. They are doing a good job there, defeinitely. But the beauty and cosmetics industries are taking advantage, and that is not a cool thing to witness.

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A Little Education With Some Essential Oils

If you’re going to work while you study – you’ll need to schedule your time appropriately. Without proper scheduling, it’s really easy to burn yourself out and make mistakes in your academia which can ultimately ruin your learning experience and your chances of passing anything with a distinction. As any serious student will know, not qualifying with a distinction is basically a death-sentence in this day and age – you might as well just quit while you’re ahead and while you still have hair on your head. They say it’s a lot harder to get a job without hair and at the rate male pattern baldness is spreading these days, you’re going to find yourself in a tricky situation.

Thankfully there are a variety of options available to you (both natural and synthetic) in terms of treating your hair loss. Essential oils in particular are great for reducing hair loss, stimulating hair growth and ensuring that your hair is strong, healthy and employable. No employer wants to look at a factory floor full of badly dyed blondes or balding men – so be sure to polish your head tops with Eucalyptus oil and treat those locks with Petitgrain as often as possible. However, studying online is probably the most realistic option available to you which means that you’ll have a better chance at finding a well-paying job in future.

Technology has got to the point where you are currently able to study nearly any subject online and with minimum aid from tutors, classmates or instructors. But making time to study online is very important and ensuring that you always have enough resources dedicated to your education is imperative to ensuring your successful education online. One draw of online classes is that students only need Internet access to connect to their courses. Turning school into a daily activity makes it less overwhelming, and it prevents students from getting caught off guard by syllabus changes. Knowing what is due in six weeks, not just the next day, can help students maximize their time. Many times people don’t read ahead to see what’s next, so what they end up doing is replicating work that they’ve already done”. And once you know when an assignment is due, don’t wait until the day before to start working on it. Edu much is the best place to go for anything that has to do with education whether its reviews or amazing articles they got you covered.

If you have class, and you know it’s due Tuesday night, well, don’t make Monday night your night that you’re going to finish your homework. Sunday is a great day to say, ‘I’m gonna go ahead and knock it out.'” If you struggle or fall behind, don’t stay silent. “Students are always hesitant to ask for help”. They start to drown and they take drastic measures, or they don’t take measures at all. Either way, they end up making a mistake.” Instructors may offer wiggle room with deadlines or extra credit if a situation warrants it, and most online programs have teams of counselors and advisers to help you along the way—but students need to be proactive. Go study and make a future for yourself.

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Economic Dip? Try Some Private Label Chips!

There were a couple of dips and small depressions in the economy which has made private labels more popular. Back in the day, when the economy took a dip in the 80’s, people were getting the cheaper versions of things, instead of the bigger name brands. The quality wasn’t great, but people did what they could on the budgets they had.

Since then, private label quality has shot up a great deal. These days, if you buy a store brand, it is cheaper financially, but not in terms of quality. Usually, it is just as good as any name brand out there. People are free to make their choices, and many are putting more faith into store brands, because they have seen for themselves how they can be just as good as national brands.

Good Marketing

This is not true to every single field and industry. After all, brand names stay brand names for a reason. It needs to back up that marketing campaign and slogan with actual quality. It isn’t enough to just say that you are the best. It needs to be back by a proper product or service. Anyone can make promises and invent catchphrases, right?

Private labels have also come to understand that it is not enough to be cheaper. Not anymore. That was something I read on Maybe it used to be enough, but now we have come to expect more, even from store brands. And that is a good thing. It means that we are doing well enough to not want to settle for certain things.

Walk into any store, and you will be able to notice store brands of items. Having a private label can be a win-win-win situation. The manufacturer wins, the business owner wins, and the consumer wins. Like I said, people are investing many billions into advertising, but the test of quality goes a long way.

This is especially evident online. Private labels are letting people start their own business. A consumer which turns into a provider comes into the picture with a lot more incentive to make things better. If you decide to go into business, you can skip the development part of the process, and find a product which is already being manufactured. Then it is only a question of finding your niche, branding your products properly, and giving the people something of substance and of quality which they can then adopt and incorporate into their lives.

It takes a lot sometimes, to win over a customer. Like I said, price is a factor, but not the only one. However, you cannot deny that during time of economical downs, the private label businesses becomes more lucrative. It makes sense that when people have less money, they will be looking for cheaper versions of well-known products.
In some cases, the private label products are manufactured in the very same plant or factory as the brand name products. That just goes to show how much marketing and advertising has really changed the way we do business, for better or worse.

You either Spackleshot or you don’t!

Private Label

There was a time when I would only use name brand everything. My shelves were filled with Quaker and General Mills, Loreal and Dove. I felt that these brands meant the highest quality I could buy and their price tags represented that. I also loved the way they tasted and made my hair and skin feel. Whenever I would go to the grocery store I would see the store brands standing right next to the name brands and always reach for the name brands. This all changed when I lost my job. I had been working in the post office for around 5 years and I was one of the more recent additions to the force. This left me open to being cut first if they were firing people. I knew this and still joined because it was a good job with great benefits. When the economy tanked so did the postal service and they were forced to make cuts leaving me without a job and with the stress of how I was going to provide for my family.

I sat down with my wife and we had a long discussion about what we had to do to keep our financial life together while I was searching for a job. We knew we had to budget better and start looking at ways we could save a couple dollars here and there. That night when I took a shower and used my Loreal shampoo I had the realization that I was going to have to start using store brand private label products. I was a little discouraged because I always felt that was what poor people did and I always prided myself in being able to give my family everything they needed. But, tough times call for tough measures and the next time I went to the store and saw the name brand and private label brand side-by- side the private label was the one I chose. I honestly thought there would be a major difference between the two so I was a bit apprehensive to give them a try. One private label product I bought was hand lotion. I like working with my hands and they tend to get callous so the lotion always helped to counteract that. I used to use Gold Bond and now had to use the store brand equivalent. After a week or so of use I was surprised to see that the store brand lotion gave me the same great results and for a way cheaper price.

After using all the cheaper store brand products I became convinced that what I thought was all wrong. Name brand doesn’t always mean better. Of course there are some things that store brands fall short on. Things like cereal and soft drinks, but for cosmetics I have found my private label (Innovative Private Label) shampoo and lotions to be on equal footing with my old name brand versions. I am happy to say that I have since found work and am making a good income again but I haven’t stopped buying store brands.

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Grammarly Software

Grammarly is probably one of the most sophisticated grammar checking software programs out there. This is why Dan decided it might be the way for him to go to correct his overall spelling and grammar.

Dan had always struggled with writing with proper grammar. When he was in elementary school and early middle school it didn’t really effect him that much. By the time he was in eight grade though he was really really struggling with his improper grammar and it was even effecting how well he scored on essays and other writing assignments. It was around this time that Dan was introduced to Grammarly reviewed by Edu Much. Based on info that his eighth grade English teacher sent him dan was able to determine that grammarly was a highly sophisticated grammar checking program. Grammarly, according to the research that dan did, had the potential to check for even the least obvious of grammatical errors through its in depth grammar checking abilities that nobody could ever compare to. Grammarly is one of the most sophisticated programs out there was the key marketing sentence that decided him to get it. Besides for that grammarly was a free plug in to google chrome I mean that was the real winner for Dan. Dan decided to use grammarly all of the time when writing essays. He started seeing that his essays which he used grammarly to help him check his written work had improved significantly since before he started correcting his essays using grammarly. Dan didn’t just use grammarly as a crutch. Oh no he was sure there were definetly people in this world that used grammarly that did just use grammarly to check everything without really thinking about yet he took notes on the corrections grammarly made so he could actually develop himself as someone who could be considered a grammar expert. That was his goal from using grammarly. He wanted grammarly to not just check for his grammatical errors. He needed grammarly to really look into the mistakes he made for him to use grammarly as a guide to correct those errors. That was his main goal that Dan wanted to get out of grammarly. Now Dan didn’t just want himself to benefit from grammarly. He wanted his friends and family and all those who might struggle with grammar to benefit from grammarly’s amazing grammar checking abilities too. That was another one of Dan’s main goals with using grammarly. Eventually Dan’s use of grammarly came to an end. When he went to college and majored in English literature. Because you see the way that Dan saw it was that grammarly is something that you don’t always use. It is something that you use fine yet at the same time it is something you eventually grow out of. So you use grammarly to help you check grammar and as a guide to teach you what it means to write with the most effective and proper grammar possible.

Eventually though the time you use grammarly will end though. The end!

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